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Inspiring letter from a subscriber

Dear Sandra,
When my mate went to be with the Lord I didn't know the journey of my life was about to begin. Words can never tell how good life inside a long committment with one man is....what makes this ordinary thing called love so special was that we were together on earth with a God-blessed song in our heart and now this vital relationship i depended on changed... Him with God me alone.
I want you to know how your choice to serve God faithfully in this singles ministry has offered me hope. Three years after his death I placed an ad in your paper with no idea what would happen. I met a very special man who'd been saved and was so aware of this gift of salvation. His love changed my life. No we didn't end up together but our love had wings and was connected to heaven.
After this I thought a 2000 mile distance could be fixed by joining a local singles group what a shock when I saw the lack of quality people it attracted compared to yours. Your group is truly Spirit and Life. The truth and standards you live by as evidenced in your excellent articles draw quality people. I then tried a worldwide internet group meeting. again nothing like the good contacts in your group.
After a break while relocating I joyfully came back to your group. This time I met an extraordinary man. I hoped we would serve the Lord together in a great end time ministry he was starting.Again this wonderful man and I didn't end up together but I am confident I am very very close to meeting my new mate. This has all served to prepare me for him.
Something I would like to share with your Godly readers is that with the quality of people you have we will make it. Its not so much meeting the right person as being the right person. On the path to that one lifetime partner remember that you can't be right with God when you are not right with your partner and you can't be right with your partner when you're not right with God. And herein is life Gods best comes to us when we are rightly connected to the true vine Jesus.
Blessings A....