Our one-of-a kind Christian print magazine has been bringing nice singles together since 1981. We are a bi-monthly print publication for singles and pen pals.

Receive two friendly, personal, handwritten letters each month.

We build a circle of friends by sending out two handwritten, 4 to 5 page letters on 8.5 x 11” paper each month. The letters are chatty and personal. Usually we hand address each letter’s envelope as well.

 We can send out letters from each participant as they choose to write to an individual letter writer or to the entire group. Each member has the opportunity to respond to any letter he or she receives and be assured it will be read.

No one is compelled to write a letter. Many just enjoy receiving letters and may never reply to one.

We photocopy the letters and distribute them to each member of the group or send out specific replies to specific members.

Names and addresses are not revealed except as each member chooses. We do NOT sell or share our mailing list. So your privacy is always protected.

This is a great service for people who love sending and receiving long, handwritten letters and for people who are isolated or lonely.  Do you have a friend or relative you would enjoy this service?

Purchase this service.------- We will send out your first letter right away